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Learn How To Manage Market

Start your business today with a great and strong landing page made to enhance the marketer's work flow, add to all that you can create a perfect landing page in minutes.

Dentists: What can you do to make YOUR Practice stand out from every other option available?

Are you frustrated by the chaos and confusion of trying to promote your practice online?

And it covers a WHOLE LOT MORE as well!

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"The Dental Practice Breakthrough"

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Doctor, here’s the bad news…

According to experts, US Dentists today face unprecedented competition – with more than 5,000 new Dentists entering the field each year! This very well could be hitting home for you now as many parts of the US are currently experiencing severe “over-saturation” levels for dental services.  

Because of this, every month, every week, every day, your long-time patients get bombarded by low-cost offers for discount dentistry… forcing them to choose between you and the new kid in the white lab coat on the block. 

But here’s the good news…

You don’t have to lower your standards (or your fees) to compete effectively in this new environment. You CAN bring in a steady stream of quality patients through powerful direct response marketing strategies and tools – including the internet, social media, and more. 

Best of all – it’s more simple and affordable than you ever imagined possible. 

And to make this as easy as can be, I’ve just released a brand new book that shines a light on the common pitfalls most practices encounter with their marketing and exactly what you need to attract a flood of “A-Level” patients to your door.  

Here’s a taste of what’s revealed inside the covers of this powerful book: 

  • What you risk when by using "canned" cookie-cutter or template-driven promotions that every other Dentist is using... even high quality “off-the-shelf” content can sabotage your practice, destroying your credibility and causing even long time patients to turn you off.
  • How leveraging the power of PERSONALITY will enable you to quickly build TRUST with prospects and patients – it’s simple, effective, and because they now want YOU and only you, it doesn’t require gimmicks like cut-rate deals or flashy guarantees.
  • The most common mistakes Dentists make when using Facebook, Twitter, and other online tools and exactly what you need to do instead to create a powerful connection with each and every patient.
  • The KEY to the effective use of Email marketing for your Practice…  the opportunities go way beyond simple appointment reminders and ticklers for six-month checkups.
  • Why it’s so important to establish a comprehensive, integrated Digital Marketing strategy for your practice… in today’s world of smart phones, tablets, and “always on” internet access, you can’t afford to simply muddle along using outdated technology.
  • Revealed: How to put the power of the 3 R’s (Reputation, Relationships, and Retention) to work 24/7/365 for your practice – they’ll already affecting your business: are you managing them according to a clearly defined purpose, or are you simply leaving them to chance?
  • And a LOT MORE as well!

Best of all, we’re offering this book to you 100% FREE – it’s our gift to you.  But because this book has been written to focus on up-to-the-minute strategies, you need to take action now to ensure you have in your hands the most current information available. 

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