New Dental Practice Marketing

New to the game? We can help!

So maybe you’re new to the game and launching a new practice or opening an additional office. You’ve got shiny new equipment, a waiting room stocked with Entertainment Weekly magazines and a fresh new fish tank bubbling with aquatic life. What now?

Patients, of course!

Sure, you could sit around with the hygienist having toothpaste fights and flossing races while waiting for the occasional passerby to bumble in. But that’s not going to get the cash rolling very quickly, is it? No. First thing’s first: You need a solid online presence and a new dental practice marketing solution. After that, you’ll need to launch some strategic marketing campaigns and build awareness in your local community.

Perhaps you are more proficient than most about digitally promoting your business. Gotta tell ya, that gets old really fast. Because you will be busy running your practice, it will soon become apparent your last blog post was uploaded months ago, no one’s heard a peep from you on Facebook, and that email marketing template is still half-designed. That’s OK. You couldn’t send it anyway because the database hasn’t been updated. A true marketing spiral. And you can be in that nose dive before you know it.

At My Dental Agency, we take care of all of that. We’ll deck you out with a solid, user-friendly website. This will serve as the groundwork for all the marketing campaigns we’ll then launch, including Pay-Per-Click campaigns, remarketing campaigns and direct mail campaigns.

So hurry up and finish naming the fish: you’ve got patients on the way.

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You’ll need to launch some strategic marketing campaigns and build awareness in your local community if you want to get your new practice off the ground.