What Sets Us Apart

In addition to our highly-personalized approach, another thing that sets us apart from the crowd is our logic-meets-creativity approach. We understand the importance of using eye-catching imagery and interesting, attention-grabbing means in order to engage potential patients and enhance the experience of existing patients. We believe in the importance of an interactive marketing campaign and don’t mind brainstorming for days on end for new ways to attract and engage patients.

However bold and daring this may sound, be assured it’s also developed and deployed with a clear, tested strategy in mind. Everything is done with a purpose, and is carefully tailored until that purpose is realized. And there are always two dimensions to this strategy: 1) Getting new patients, of course. This is usually the easiest(easier) part. But what good are these new patients to you if you never see them again after they walk out that door?

Where we really excel, and where our marketing strategy truly differs from other more orthodox approaches, is the retention of patients. Because getting a root canal or a tooth pulled isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world – perhaps even the most dreadful for some! – we deploy our creative approach in a way which allows you to build an interactive, unique and even, dare we say, fun relationship between you and your patients that continues beyond the dental practice. This results in long-term patients and far less attrition.

So, it’s time to up those subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly for your waiting room. Because it’s going to need it. With My Dental Agency, we’ll have your phone ringing and your practice packed in no time.

Our Skills

Performing successful digital marketing campaigns

Working in the dental industry

Brainstorming sessions

Combined years being awesome