The Clinical Advisory Board is a unique resource you can only find at My Dental Agency, because we believe in supporting our clients in every possible way.

The CAB is made up of independent practitioners who share our core philosophies. CAB members advise our team on pressing issues in the dental field, helping us to always stay ahead of the game.

The collective expertise of the CAB strengthens our ability to create the most relevant dental marketing strategies. From crafting marketing campaigns around new procedures to developing new technology that improves patient communication, our Clinical Advisory Board’s input enhances our decision making and provides us with important, industry-specific information that other marketing agencies do not have.

How Does The Clinical Advisory Board Benefit Your Practice?

We are NOT dentists, but we know a lot about dentistry through years of experience in the industry and because we have access to some of the best clinical minds in the country.

The marketing campaigns we create are reviewed and approved by doctors like you who understand the real-life challenges that independent dental practices face.
As a professional marketing agency, we rely on the insights of our Clinical Advisory Board to guide us and keep us current in a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry.
All of our clients have full access to the CAB — yet another advantage to help you grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive field.

Clinical Advisory Board Members

Only experienced practitioners who truly believe in the value of helping others are invited to become members of our Clinical Advisory Board, so you can be confident that the CAB has your best interests at heart, just like we do.

My Dental Agency proudly puts clients first — always, no matter what — and the Clinical Advisory Board is just one more way we can prove that.

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Expert knowledge at your fingertips!

Is your marketing as specific and accurate as it needs to be to set your practice apart from the competition? Does your marketing company have the expertise to understand the true benefits of the procedures you provide? MDA does, thanks in part to its Clinical Advisory Board. Listen to Dr. David R. Pearce, expert practitioner, explain why the CAB is so important and how it really makes a difference in marketing. Contact us to learn how MDA and the CAB can take your marketing to the next level.

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