Before My Dental Agency, I didn’t really do much of anything.  I was just kind of piecing things together, it was challenging to tell if what we were doing was working!  We decided to work with My Dental Agency because they were so professional, and they had a plan that was unique to us.

Dr. Lee Brown

My Dental Agency has helped this practice a lot!

Beverly and Jamie - Practice Administrators

With My Dental Agency managing all of our online campaigns, we are free to do what we do best. We trust My Dental Agency, and we are confident that when they say something is going to get done, that it’s going to get done right!

Dr. Angela Britt

We highly recommend My Dental Agency to other dental practices. They make it so easy, and they get results.

Drs. Rowland Holsinger & Patricia Higgins

I would definitely recommend MDA to any established practice.

Dr. Cassandra Murphy

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Nowadays, MDA is actually helping us a lot! I have no knowledge of what’s going on online… They are helping us relay our message to the world.

Dr. Shahdad Arami

I chose My Dental Agency after meeting with Jackie and the team. They really stood out to me for their level of expertise and knowledge in not only the marketing aspect, but also as it relates to my field.

Dr. Maria Bustamante

I would recommend them in a heartbeat.  They’re small, and boutique, and they cater to each dental practice.  And I can’t say anything more than that, that says in itself what they represent.

Dr. Hoda Kazemifar

My experience has been great! I would highly recommend My Dental Agency to anyone. They are very thorough, we are in constant communication – they are excellent, an excellent agency!

Dr. Michelle Munoz Cruce

They were different, and they wanted to show us that we were different. They suggested things that we never thought of. Yes, I would definitely recommend My Dental Agency!

Drs. Ruth Roach Morgan & Jessica Morgan Vaughn

With My Dental Agency, we’ll have your phone ringing with quality patients and your practice growing in no time.