Comprehensive Marketing: What Are You Missing?

Is your marketing strategy missing something? Maybe your Facebook content is on fire, but you don’t know how to get more positive reviews. Or maybe your online reputation is sound, but your practice’s website has the EXACT same images and copy as that of your competitor down the street. The truth is, the BEST marketing strategies are comprehensive; they include your website, social media, email campaigns, and reputation management just to name a few. When you’re evaluating the efficacy of your marketing, keep your eyes out for the following:

Website – Is your website unique? Are your images and copy customized to the needs of the patients you wish to attract or are they the same thing potential patients will see when they search other local practices? Even those who are referred to you by current patients will check out your online presence before committing to an appointment. If your site looks just like the site of the dentist who is ¾ of a mile closer, guess which one they’re going to contact?

Social Media – First thing’s first; are you USING social networking sites like Facebook? If not, start immediately! Facebook and similar sites are the best way to continuously reach out to your current patients. Potential patients will also check out your social networking sites to see what you’re like when you’re not posing for the high-profile images that are used for your website. Use social networking to let your patients (current and future) see that you are approachable, that you have a sense of humor, and that you are far more than your job description.

Email – Despite what you may have heard, email is still the best way to reach a targeted audience. While email blasting your entire patient list every week will simply annoy them, carefully planned emails will pique the interest of even the most skeptical person. Consider your inbox: when you are contacted by every retailer you’ve ever provided with an email address, your first instinct is to UNSUBSCRIBE! When you see a message from someone you don’t hear from regularly, however, you want to find out what they have to offer. Email is the perfect way to reach your patients. Once a month, reach out to your patients with news about how a new technology benefits them or a treatment you’re trying to promote. Once a quarter, send targeted emails to those who have inquired about a particular treatment. Do you have a handful of patients that have expressed interest in adult ortho but haven’t followed through? Email them! Remind them about your consultation, the procedure, and how great they’ll feel when they finally have the smile they’ve always wanted.

Google Ads – After all this time, Google is still the number one search engine nationally and globally. If you want to increase awareness of your practice, use Google Ads to promote particular services to the right people at the right time. If you’re promoting adult orthodontics, only those who search for the terms you select (for example, “Invisalign,” “Fastbraces,” etc.) and who happen to be searching in an area that you predetermine will actually see the ad. Best of all, you only pay if they actually click the ad.