Articulate the Positive

1 yellow umbrella amongst all black umbrellas

If someone were to ask you or one of your team members what makes your practice special, what would you say? More importantly, what would you say that might actually convince someone to choose YOU over your competitors? If you can’t put it into words, it’s time to define what makes you and your practice who you are.

They’re ALL Competitors

The practice down the street may be corporate, and the guy two blocks over may not offer half the services you provide, but you’re all the same to prospective new patients; this makes them all competitors — even if their services can’t compare. There’s really no way for them to know that you’re known for CEREC Same-Day Crowns and your personalized touch, for example, unless you tell them. It’s up to YOU to make yourself stand out among the masses.

Put Your Finger On It

Look … everyone says “we are caring” and “we put patients first.” If you think that’s what makes you special, you have work to do. You have to really put your finger(s) on what genuinely sets you apart.

  • Have you had training that other dentists have not (LVI or The Pankey Institute, for example)?
  • Have you become an expert or certified provider of any particular treatments?
  • Do you offer sedation dentistry that might help you appeal to those who fear going to the dentist?
    Is your office decorated in a way that will feel welcoming versus antiseptic (for example, themed treatment rooms or coffee and tea service in the reception area)?
  • Do you have extended hours to accommodate the busy professional who needs flexibility?
  • Do you have multiple associates that make appointment availability a breeze?
  • Is emergency dentistry in your wheelhouse?

These are all specific details that will help you stand out among the rest. You and your team members just need to take the time to articulate it.