Always Be On Their Mind

Don’t be like that old flame you never heard from again. Keep in contact with your patients. Email marketing allow you to maintain engagement and contact with your current patient base at just the right frequency – not too aloof nor too clingy. And this engagement is vital to maintain their interest. It shows their dentist cares, it keeps them informed, it keeps your memory fresh in the minds. An ongoing relationship with your dental patients is important, of course. And communication is the key to any lasting relationship.

It’s really easy to send a templated newsletter with the same ol’ boring content once a month to all your patients. But who really reads that stuff? Our dental email campaigns are never dull and boring, we pride ourselves on keeping things interesting. We work closely with you and your dental team to create fun, engaging content. The purpose of your email campaign is to provide value and create a lasting relationship with your patients, not bore them. We create campaigns that offer educational, provide oral health tips, and information about events that are happening in your office or community, and we even include fun dental facts.

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