Second time’s a charm

So maybe your website didn’t really snag them the first go around. No worries. As you already know, Google is massive. But did you know that its “Display Network” consists of over 2 million websites, reaching over 90% of all internet users globally? This is good news for practices like yours. Now you have the opportunity to remarket yourself to previous website visitors and recapture their attention. Visitors will continue to see your practice and messaging for free, which helps you bring awareness to you and your practice. Another reason our clients benefit from a remarketing campaign is, they only pay when visitors click on your ads (similar to PPC), but remember we know the individuals seeing your ads already have interest in your practice because they visited your website. This means if they take action and click on the ad they must really be interested and ready to make an appointment.

We use dental remarketing campaigns to enhance both online and offline marketing activities. Think about this, if you send a prospective patient to your website through a social media post or maybe a postcard campaign and they don’t immediately book an appointment, you now have the opportunity to stay in front of them even after they leave your website. Come on, that’s genius.

If you have any questions about your remarketing campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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On average 95-98% of visitors are leaving your website without taking action.