Take Your Marketing to the Finish Line (With a Little Help From Your Team)

By January 6, 2019 January 15th, 2019 Marketing, MyDentalAgency.com

Picture this: You’ve been itching for more implant cases, so you and your marketing team devise a customized campaign sure to make that happen. When the Google ads go live, they reach your target audience as intended. As great as this scenario may seem, you could be losing patients if your team hasn’t been fully informed about your marketing strategy.

Communication Is the Key

If someone musters up the courage to actually call your practice and inquire about implant placement, they’re not going to have much confidence in you or your team if the person who answers your phone is unaware of the special you’re offering and uninformed about the efforts you’ve put forth to get these new patients to call (or even that you are running an ad campaign). The system fails when the first point of contact isn’t prepared to provide the correct information (such as offering a free consultation) to those who reach out to you for help. This is precisely why your entire team — from your receptionist and insurance coordinator to your dental assistants and hygienists — needs to know about special offers, time-sensitive ads, or any other form of marketing you may choose to implement.

The Whole Team Wins

If you take the time to keep your team members in the loop, not only are you more likely to convert phone calls into patients, but you may also strengthen your team as a whole. When you let them in on your goals and the strategies you plan to use, you convey that you trust them to handle the information and be part of your practice’s success. That, in turn, increases their loyalty to you. When your team has your back, everybody wins.

Take It To the Finish Line

Whether you’re reaching out to established patients with an email campaign or trying to bring new patients through the door with a Google ad, there are plenty of ways to market your practice. If you pass the baton off to your team and they’re not waiting to take it from there, the system has failed. To increase the chances of having a successful and lucrative marketing campaign, make sure that the race to the finish is truly a team effort.