4 Strategies to Increase Reviews

Positive patient reviews can have a big impact on your practice. A recent study showed that 90% of people’s purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. Why not harness the power of reviews to help your grow your practice.

Before you ask for reviews, though, you’ll want to make sure your practice is set up on the major review sites Google and Facebook. These are the most trusted and credible sites that people rely on when they are looking for recommendations of services or products. Don’t get caught up on obscure, third party sites that promise to help your patient reviews get seen by more people. The reality is, people searching for your practice aren’t using those sites to find you.

Ask For Reviews

How do you get patient’s to give you reviews? You have to ask for them in a timely manner. While most practices are shy or feel awkward asking for reviews, having a system in place to capture them can make it easier on you and your patients. Pick the person in your office most comfortable and willing to speak with patients about leaving a review. Have them highlight that patient feedback is important for the doctor and other patients. Patients will be more inclined to leave a review if they know it’s going to help and will encourage them to want to offer a review. Even simply telling your patients that you look forward to reading their comments, will make an impact on the amount of people that are more willing to leave a review.

Make It Easy

You’ll want to give patients clear and easy instructions on where to leave reviews. Don’t just leave it up to them to find the sites. Provide a link to your Google or Facebook page so they know where to go. Create a system so that every patient is given the links before they leave your office. Additionally, have information posted in the office stating that their feedback is valuable and helps the practice provide better care. Reinforcing the message that you take patient reviews seriously will make them more likely to leave one.

Send Reminders

Since patients might not leave a review the first time you ask, it’s a good idea to add the links to review sites in your monthly newsletter and text messages. Think you’re bothering your patient? Not so. Reviews are commonplace and an accepted part of everyday life. People will only leave them, however, if they are reminded to do so. A link in your monthly newsletter followed up by a text message is an effective way to get the patient to take action.

Thank Every Reviewer

The fact that reviews are everywhere, can also suggest to patients that what they say won’t matter. Don’t let them think that. When asking patients either in person or by email, let them know they are valued and their opinion matters. Refer to them by first name and the most recent treatment they had so they know they aren’t receiving another generic request.

Make sure to set up a system to monitor the review sites. When patients do leave an online review, follow up with a thank you so they know you are actually reading them. It will show potential new patients that you care, too.

Remember to make it fun for patients to leave reviews. Have them rate your practice using the tooth emoji; think 5 tooth rating instead of 5 star. Repurpose the reviews and use them on your website, social media and in emails, too. Patients will see their opinion matters, helping to build long lasting relationships and catch the eye of new patients, as well.