It has been nearly two decades since I started my career in dental marketing, and I have spent every year growing, learning, and succeeding. There are certainly other marketing companies out there who have started to court dentists, but few of them have the years of experience I do, and even fewer have spent the amount of time and effort myself and my team have specializing in digital marketing for dental practices. This is an important distinguishing factor for my company and my clients.

Experience Matters

As much as a dental practice may strive to keep patients happy, providing excellent care and service, sometimes negative reviews happen. We asked Dr. David Pearce, retired owner of a lucrative practice and current dental coach and MDA CAB member, to share some advice about how to deal with negative reviews.

The Dreaded Negative Review: What to Do if You Get One

My Dental Agency often relies on a Clinical Advisory Board, a panel of highly esteemed dental professionals we consult to ensure that we are creating accurate and useful campaigns for our clients. Recently, one of our CAB members, Dr. David R. Pearce, spoke about why he believes the CAB is essential. Listen to him here, and continue reading to learn more about why our CAB is such a valuable asset.

3 Reasons Why Having a Clinical Advisory Board is Important

Dental fear is a real challenge for so many patients and dentists alike. Patients who fear the dentist are usually the ones who need care the most, and dentists often struggle with how to help them set aside their fears to get the treatment they require. Thankfully, with more information widely available to the public and the option to use digital media as an educational tool, dentists have more opportunity than ever before to help their patients understand their fear and overcome it.

Targeting Patients with Dental Fear

I asked Dr. David R. Pearce, a retired dental practice owner and now a consultant, to share with me three things he implemented in his practice that focused on quality and that he considers essential to the success he was able to achieve. And while I wanted him to say, “I owe all of my success to MDA”, I knew that would not be his answer, because Dr. Pearce was already on the success path even before he started trusting us with his digital marketing. What he did say, though, was interesting, and probably not what anyone reading this blog would expect.

Quality in Dentistry: 3 Keys to Success – Part 1