Word of mouth is still alive and kicking in the digital age. A friend’s recommendation carries a lot of weight if someone is looking for a dentist they can trust. When it comes to word-of-mouth referrals, digital marketing is influential on both sides of the equation: the patient making the referral and the potential new patient they are referring. In essence, a consistent and strong digital presence boosts referrals.

Digital Marketing is the Key to More Patient Referrals!

It has been nearly two decades since I started my career in dental marketing, and I have spent every year growing, learning, and succeeding. There are certainly other marketing companies out there who have started to court dentists, but few of them have the years of experience I do, and even fewer have spent the amount of time and effort myself and my team have specializing in digital marketing for dental practices. This is an important distinguishing factor for my company and my clients.

Experience Matters

Dental fear is a real challenge for so many patients and dentists alike. Patients who fear the dentist are usually the ones who need care the most, and dentists often struggle with how to help them set aside their fears to get the treatment they require. Thankfully, with more information widely available to the public and the option to use digital media as an educational tool, dentists have more opportunity than ever before to help their patients understand their fear and overcome it.

Targeting Patients with Dental Fear