Successful Social Media: Advice from a Marketing Expert

Dental practices everywhere have discovered the marketing power of social media. They use their creativity to gain followers and likes on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. For dentists who are not social media savvy, the idea of creating a Facebook page may seem intimidating. Still, any practice can build a successful social media presence by following some basic principles.

Successful Social Media: Advice from a Marketing Expert

Clear aligners are HOT! Dentists everywhere have added them to their menu of services. Whether your practice is new to the clear aligners game or has been offering them for years, perhaps your marketing could use a little help to attract the number of patients you desire. Marketing for clear aligners can be simple and manageable with some essential activities that will make a big difference in the results.

Clear Aligners: Harnessing the Power of Comprehensive Marketing to Boost Cases at Your Practice

Recently, a story made headlines about a dental patient who received an extreme amount of work done in a single visit and is now suing the dentist who performed the work for pain and suffering. Local and national news outlets picked up the story, featuring it in broadcasts, online, and on social media. Regardless of how people in the dental community view the story, the potential for it, or another story like it, to scare people who already distrust dentists is very real.

When Dentistry Is in Under Fire: A Guide to Navigating Negative Headlines

Not all marketing activities are going to net immediate results, so is it worth spending time and money on them? It is a reasonable question, and one I have had to address with many of my clients. Most business owners understand that, with marketing, rarely will they get instant gratification. However, when it comes to implementing a marketing strategy for their business, they may have difficulty understanding why they should invest time and effort in activities with a longer term payoff.

Immediate Results Aren’t Everything — Here’s Why Playing the Long Game in Marketing Is Worth It