A Client Success Story

vector art representing success

Just as you delight in the success stories of your patients, we revel in the successes of our clients. One of our favorite clients not only achieved the goals they established to meet, they exceeded them, making this practice’s success story one worth sharing.

The Background

This well-established mid-western practice had three dentists and an amazingly capable team, but they wanted to increase their number of Invisalign patients. We decided that the best strategy for them would be to create a Facebook campaign with a very narrow focus.

The Results

We customized a Facebook campaign that would speak to the exact audience this practice wanted to reach. In just two months, 4,626 people were reached, 67 people clicked to learn more, and two form submissions were completed.

The Metrics

In order to understand how successful this Invisalign campaign was, you have to understand the Facebook analytics first:

  • Reach refers to the number of people who actually saw the post. In just two months, 4,626 people realized that this practice existed and that they were able to provide Invisalign treatment for those who wanted straight teeth without the hardware of traditional braces.
  • Clicks is exactly what it sounds like: the number of people who clicked on the ad to learn more about the practice and what it was promoting.
  • Form submissions are people who were ready to move forward immediately. These are people who have filled out the form on the landing page to request an appointment.

It Really Works

What we do at My Dental Agency really works! This is what just one client experienced in just two months. Because our marketing campaigns utilize websites, reviews, email, Facebook, and reputation management, we have a multitude of ways to help our clients reach their goals.

We’re Up To the Challenge

Is there a particular treatment you’d like to promote? Do you want more experience with something new? Are you trying to reach a new demographic? Let us help! We’re always up to the challenge and look forward to helping your practice thrive!