Market Like the Big Boys

Take a second to think of the most recognizable brands you can, not matter what their purpose. We’ll wait …

Chances are, you thought about Nike, Coca-Cola, Visa, Wendy’s, and other corporate giants. What do these businesses have in common (besides big bucks)? They use a comprehensive marketing approach. While you don’t have the same budget, you can implement the same marketing strategies on a more manageable scale and reach not only more patients, but the right patients, as well.

Think BIG!

Your business goal may not be as ambitious as the major players, but you can still appeal to the maximum number of quality patients by taking a similar approach with promoting your practice: comprehensive marketing. Think about it: These corporate giants aren’t just running television ads and sponsoring global events like the Olympics, they’re firing from ALL cylinders! They’re generating positive online reviews, they’re paying for online advertising, they’re using social media, and they’re driving consumers to their website. All of this is possible for your practice, as well. Here’s how to scale down and still experience the same benefits:

  1. Keep your website fresh — You don’t need to update daily or weekly like the major corporations, but you do need to take advantage of anything that will draw attention to your page. New equipment, new treatments, new team members, and blogging are just a few examples of these. Moreover, use other marketing strategies, such as Facebook and Google Ads, that will drive consumers to your site where they will inquire about the product you sell … your dental expertise.
  2. Stay in the minds of your consumers — If someone makes a purchase from Nike, they will soon receive emails about new models, promotions, and sports-related news. They will also find that Nike ads in their social media feed are more prevalent. This is because Nike knows how to stay in front of their customers to create loyalty. You can do the exact same thing with your current patients; remind them that you care ALL the time, not just when they’re in your chair.
  3. Market to the right consumers — If you’re marketing to the general public, you’ll end up being white noise. If you customize your marketing to a specific location, a target age group, and even a single treatment you’d like to promote, you’re more likely to get the patients you’re looking for. Think about it: Does Visa advertise during commercials on Nickelodeon?
  4. Keep it light — As a healthcare provider you take your profession seriously, and rightly so. The thing is, your patients don’t want to be bombarded with the jargon and statistics that get you excited, they want to know that you’re relatable, that you care about them, and how they’ll benefit from your services. After all, Wendy’s isn’t remembered for telling consumers about the precise weight of their burgers, they’re remembered for “Where’s the Beef?”

The bottom line is that you may be a small business owner, but you should still think BIG! Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket; market like the big shots and entice your patients from multiple perspectives.