Who Clicks On Those Ads?

If you have ever searched for something on Google – and who hasn’t – then you are familiar with the AD symbol on the first two or three results. As someone who puts thought into marketing their practice, you probably already know that these are listings for people who pay for Google Adwords. When we meet with clients, 20-30% of the time they mention that they usually don’t click on these ads, which makes them question the efficacy of using Adwords as part of their marketing strategy. We hear you and are here to put your mind at ease.


People DO Click

We know that not every consumer is going to click on the ads they see, but we also know from statistics and from our own experience that people DO click on and engage with ads. The truth is, if 100 people search a service such as adult orthodontics, you don’t need all 100 to click and convert to make your advertising campaign a success. If you get a handful of new patients through the door for Invisalign, then the ads were effective.


Ads Help Refine Your Strategy

Those who DO click ads give us indispensable data that helps to refine and perfect your marketing strategy. Google Analytics allows us to learn about the people who are clicking: Are they in the area you’re targeting? What is their income level or age group? Are they using computers or other devices? Which keywords are working and which aren’t? All of this information allows us to refine our approach and make your overall marketing campaign even more effective.


The bottom line is, advertising you practice online works. Better yet, it’s more cost effective than most traditional marketing efforts: because you only pay for your ad if it is clicked on. Using online advertising in conjunction with social networking, blog posts, and remarketing can take your practice places you never thought it could go.

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