The Importance of Using Real Photos

Polaroid photos of our clients

When marketing your practice, there is a place for professional photography. Your website, for example, should include professional headshots of your team members and interior shots of your office, all properly lit and framed, as only a professional can. When you’re trying to make connections with your patients, however, candid photography is the way to go. This includes the photos on your website. In addition to the beautifully staged professional shots, you should include candid photography that allows both current and prospective patients to see real human interactions. It’s not just your dentist persona, but your “real-life” persona that draws people to your practice.

What Are Your Pictures Saying?

The professional photos on your website convey your professionalism – which is important. But other than the decor of your office, they’ll look similar to those of any other dental practice. When you use real, candid images, however, you give patients a glimpse into the most unique thing you have to offer – yourself. Allowing patients to see genuine emotion and real human interactions is what endears them to you. They can go to almost any dentist for Invisalign or veneers, so give them a reason to choose you over all of the others.

What Do Patients Like To See?

It’s all about being genuine when it comes to encouraging patient response and engagement. Statistically speaking, candid photos and videos get more attention than stock photographs or professional pictures. Your patients don’t care what your intraoral scanner looks like, but they do care that you love it so much you’re willing to post a goofy picture of yourself while kissing the attachment. Letting them know what’s going on with your practice lets them feel like part of the family, so when your team throws your office manager a surprise wedding shower, share those photos with your patients. Does your team occasionally gather outside of the office to promote cohesion, such as taking a trip to the bowling alley? Post a video of that strike – or even that gutter ball! All of these portray you and your team members as humans. Not only does this promote a feeling of connection, but it can also alleviate “white coat syndrome.”

Another benefit of using candid photography is that it is free and easy! Any of your team members with a cell phone and access to your Facebook account can post, which means the burden does not always have to fall on you. If it’s a slow week at the office, ask a satisfied patient to take a smiling selfie with you. Your pictures don’t have to be elaborate, just real. After you start sharing real photos, pay attention to how your patients respond. You’ll soon see how much they genuinely enjoy your posts.


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