2 Great Ways To Use Video On Your Website and In Your Marketing

Video is one of the most effective ways to quickly engage with patients and tell them about you and your practice. It personalizes the information on your website and social media pages, giving people a sneak-peak into you as a person. Whether you’ve used video as part of your marketing before or would like to start, there are 2 great ways to use it on your website and in your marketing.

Share Your Passion

Most people know what a dentist does, but they don’t know why they do it. Use video to let people know why you enjoy being a dentist, what got you interested in the field or what’s your favorite part about helping patients. Videos like this help humanize you, building trust and empathy with new patients.

Place this video on your homepage so prospective patients can make a genuine connection with you. In the video, tell them about what makes your practice unique and why they should choose you over another dentist. Besides your homepage, you can also use it in social media posts. Repurposing the video across all your marketing will enforce the message you want people to hear.

Patient Testimonials

The truth is, it’s more powerful to hear why you are the right choice from another patient. Utilize a mix of patient videos that highlight different aspects of your practice that you want people to know about. Whether it’s a new treatment, caring staff or amazing results, let your patients do the talking for you.

Place these videos strategically on your website to increase the chances that they will be viewed. Also, place them on landing pages that are followed up with a call to action. The videos will encourage prospective patients to book an appointment or call for more information. Again, repurpose the videos on your blog, social media and emails to create a cohesive marketing message.

Using video in your marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Focusing on these 2 types of content captures what patients need to know about your practice the most; what you’re like as a dentist and that you achieve excellent results for your patients. That’s a wrap!