The 3 Most Effective Facebook Posts

Facebook is still the place to be if you want to connect with your current patients and attract new ones. In fact, 74% of US adult Facebook users visit the site at least once a day. Those posts that come across the Facebook newsfeed of people who have liked your practice’s page, otherwise known as organic posts, play an important part in building your online brand. In order to get seen though, organic posts should contain content that elicits likes and comments. The more engagement a post receives, the more it will be shown on the newsfeed.

How do you get engagement on organic posts? People like to engage with other people (and posts) that are authentic or “real”. Therefore, posts that will get more likes and comments are those that have more to do with you as a person then what special you are offering for the month. While you may think people don’t really care to see posts about you and your team, it’s precisely that content that resonates with your followers, will elicit engagement, grow your online followers, and ultimately, build up your practice.

Bringing a human element to your practice’s Facebook page helps your patients connect with you as a real person, and build a rapport with people who follow your page. Here are some examples of posts that are sure to increase those likes and comments:

  1. Hired a new office manger? Training on a new piece of equipment? Celebrating the 1st, 5th, 10th or 30th year as a practice? Updates and new happenings in your practice are a sure way to get people to like and comment on your page. Even behind-the-scenes happenings, such as you at your desk or a dental hygienist tidying up give patients a glimpse at the inner workings of your practice, something they don’t regularly see when they come in for an appointment.
  2. Posting fun facts about you, the doctor, is another way to get comments and engagement on your Facebook page. Choose questions that give a sneak-peak into your real life. It’s a great way for patients to see that you have a life outside the four walls of your office. Have people guess what your favorite movie is, how many countries you’ve visited or what instrument you played in high school. No need to divulge information that is too personal, but share those things that help people find common ground with you as a person and as their go-to dentist.
  3. Facebook videos continue to lead some of the highest engagement on the platform. Consider adding patient video testimonials to your organic posting schedule. Patient testimonials give your followers trustworthy information about your practice. With videos on Facebook receiving 59% more engagement than other posts, adding them to your mix of content is a sure way to get seen in your follower’s newsfeed.

As always, your organic posts should contain a photo or graphic in order to capture the eye of patients on Facebook. Coupled with consistent posting, your following will stay engaged with your practice online, helping build your practice offline.