What Patchwork Marketing Looks Like

When a practice is interested in our services, we go to great lengths to provide a detailed marketing strategy that is backed by data and LOTS of experience. Whether they want to grow a brand new practice or simply want to draw more quality patients, we’ve got solutions. Those we meet with almost always believe in using a comprehensive approach and like what they see, but then they get big ideas:

  • Post to Facebook? We can get someone in the office to do that.
  • Write a blog each month? I can pay a freelancer to do that.
  • Keep web content fresh? We can hire an agency to do that for us on the cheap.
  • Reputation management? It can’t be that hard.

They emphasize quality over discount with their own patients, but fail to follow their own advice: You get what you pay for.

Here’s the Problem…

When you opt for something cheaper — such as contracting out critical components to different vendors and trying to handle the rest on your own — your marketing efforts don’t work in concert. For example:

  • Your website might look good, but are their up-to-date landing pages for services you’re trying to promote? Is it being updated every time you get a new team member, new equipment, or have a patient success story worth featuring on a page?
  • Are your Facebook posts what patients want to see? Is the content keeping them interested, reminding them that you’re approachable, and worthy of sharing with friends and family (who could be new patients)?
  • Are your Google ads using the correct filters and keywords? Are they reaching the right people? Are they driving people to a conversion driven landing page and not the homepage of your website, more importantly, resulting in new patients who are interested in a long-term commitment (and not just a single treatment)?

Will you save money? Sure … up front, at least. But ultimately, you’re only providing a Band-Aid. Eventually, you’ll realize that a single marketing agency with an all-encompassing strategy is the right way to go. By then, you’ll not only have lost money, but valuable time.

The Simple Facts…

You went to school to become a dentist; the time you spend on emails, blogs, billing, bills, and anything that is NOT dentistry takes you away from what you do best. As appealing as it might be to save a few bucks, you serve your patients best when you get them in your chair. Only an effective, comprehensive marketing strategy can make that happen.