Don’t Stop….Marketing

When you think of marketing your practice, you probably think about using your website, social media posts, emails, and online ads to attract new patients. In any solid marketing strategy, however, you shouldn’t overlook your existing patients-they are key to the success of your practice. In fact, once you acquire a patient, think of it as just the beginning of your marketing relationship with them, as well. Here are reasons why you should:


In today’s online world, it’s easy to lure patients away with flashy marketing that promises discounts or faster treatments. Staying in front of your patients outside the walls of your practice is critical if you want to keep them. Afterall, you put in time and money into getting them to your office, but it’s not a guarantee they will stay. Utilize social media and emails to stay top of mind and remind them of your services and any promotions that you offer.

What’s more, current patients are also the ones who are going to refer new people to you, just another reason to keep reaching out to them. Again, giving them educational information they can share with friends and family through social media, email or your website or marketing signage in your office are just some of the ways you can help them advocate for you.

A Bird In The Hand

Your practice offers a variety of treatments, and who better to promote these services to than the patients who already know and like you. You’ve put time and money into marketing to get your patients, but targeting your current patients with offers and additional services will cost less as well as bring in more revenue. Since they already know you and are satisfied with your results, you don’t have to spend more money trying to convince them otherwise.

The value of an existing patient extend beyond their regular checkups or the one treatment they came to you for. Along with consistently marketing to new patients, keeping in front of your current ones will help you leverage your marketing dollars and help you successfully grow your practice.