Love What You Do!

By February 14, 2019 February 28th, 2019 Advice, Fun Facts, Holidays, Marketing,

It’s February, and love is all around. Retail display windows are adorned with red and pink, road-side flower vendors are assembling their signage, and couples young and old are making reservations at their favorite restaurants. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, though. You can get in on the love, too. How? By making sure your patients know how much you love what you do.

Love Will Keep You Together

When you love what you do, it shows. Think about the people you spend time with. Few of us choose to engage with people who are habitually negative and have a grim view of the world; for the most part, we are drawn to those who are happy — which is why it’s important to show your patients how much you love your job. In fact, your passion for dentistry will make a huge difference in your marketing. When your patients see the photos on your website or Facebook page, for example, they will notice the genuine smile on your face.

You Give the Best of Your Love

From a marketing perspective, clients who love what they do find more success with their patients. Why? It’s not just because patients feel more comfortable with dentists who are enthusiastic about their work, it’s also because genuinely happy clients are more open-minded. While a negative person may be skeptical about innovative marketing strategies, those with a positive outlook are willing to have a little fun. The payoff is that patients see you as a positive, relatable person (which is preferable to a grumpy, sour-faced dentist who appears to be miserable to everyone they encounter).

Can’t Help Falling In Love

The bottom line is, if your patients can see that you love what you do, they’ll be more willing to trust and engage with you. What does this mean to your practice? Patient retention! Not only will your current patients love being in your company, prospective patients will be more eager to be a part of what makes you so happy, too. Don’t wait to share the love; take advantage of Valentine’s Day and remind your patients why they fell in love with you in the first place.